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A1: THE STORY Kagome first fell in a well on her 16th birthday. A caterpillar-like demon pulled her in, to 500 years ago. There she saw a "God tree" where InuYasha was. InuYasha then woke up because he sensed the presence of the sacred jewel.

KIKYO Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo. When Kikyo died, she had the Sacred Jewel in her hands. When Kagome was born, she had the Sacred Jewel in her

A2: Kagome is a 15 year old junior high student. She lives with her mother, brother and grandfather in modern day (1996) Tokyo. One day, while searching for her cat Buyo, she is pulled to the Feudal Era (500 years ago) by a Centipede demon (Mistress Centipede). The demon also takes the Shikon Jewel from inside Kagome. It is later revealed that Kagome is actually the reincarnation of a miko (priestess) Kikyo, who guarded the Shikon Jewel and died with it.