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A1) Not that we know of.

A2) Who knows maybe, 1 or 2 or 3 (like Miroku & Sango do). But, that would be beautiful if they do have kids someday.

A3) We don't have information on this, sorry! Nor do the manga or the anime.

A4) Unsure, if they'll have babies. But it would be beautiful & a miracle. Maybe 1, 2, or 3 babies :)!

A5) It hasn't revealed in any official manga or anime yet.

A6) No they don't have any kids. They've got married in the end of Ep. 26 of Final Act, but don't have any kids :( It would be beautiful if they have kids!

A7) NO! They don't have kids!

A8) no

A9) No

A10) It wasn't mentioned during the series, but it's sure that they got married in the end.

A11) No they did not but I wish they did! 😣

A12) No, they didn't! But it would be wonderful if they do!

A13) no

A14) Kagome and Inuyasha never had children.

A14) the series ends with them getting married basically. Even in the most favorable scenario it would still take 9 months for this to happen. There is no reason to believe they will not have children in the future, but at the time both the anime and manga end this did not happen yet.

A15) *sigh* I wish

A16) They never did have a child only on the fake YouTube shows but in the episodes and movies they did not have a child together