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A1) Yes, of course. But after InuYasha was tricked by Naraku (who disguises himself as Kikyo) to believe that "Kikyo" betrayed him, InuYasha is now angry at Kikyo & hates her for "betraying him". After InuYasha was unsealed from the Scared Tree by Kagome Higurashi (Kikyo's reincarnation), he still feels betrayed by Kikyo. And until Kikyo was resurrected by Urasue, InuYasha realizes that he still loves Kikyo. But time to time, InuYasha has now starting developing love feelings for Kagome and of course he grows to love Kagome much more stronger, bigger & deeper than for Kikyo. But, he still cares for Kikyo. In the end of Episode 8 of Final Act, InuYasha was devastated when Kikyo dies for the second time (but Kikyo is now happy that she finally die in peace & her soul can finally be free from suffering too. And she wants InuYasha to be happy & be with Kagome forever, since she realized that InuYasha was meant to & belong to Kagome FOREVER). So, yes InuYasha loves Kikyo, but InuYasha loves Kagome far much more than Kikyo.

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