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A1) Well, its true that InuYasha loves both Kikyo and Kagome at the same time and he couldn't decide whom he wants to be with. 50 years ago, he & Kikyo did fall in love with each other but when they were tricked by Naraku, their love for each other wasn't strong & pure enough to trust each other that's why they end up fooled by Naraku so easily. During the journey between Inuyasha & Kagome as they continuing searching for the jewel shards, meeting new friends, searching & to destroy Naraku; InuYasha found a better & greater happiness with Kagome than from Kikyo. Reasons: 1) Kagome (the first human) shed tears for him, always stays by his side (more than Kikyo did), shows him true kindness & compassion, able to make friends & rely on them, always saves/helps him, heals his heart & soul, help him feeling no longer lonely anymore, and most of all: she loves & accepts him for who he is: a half-demon. Plus, during the series; even Kagome gets heartbroken that Inuyasha still has feelings for Kikyo, but she still loves him. And even he does go after Kikyo, he always come back to Kagome & the others & he shows to love Kagome more. So, Inuyasha has much more stronger & deeper feelings for Kagome than for Kikyo. Which means: the love relationship between InuYasha & Kagome is far more stronger, deeper & purer throughout the series. In Ep. 10 of Final Act: When Kao the Flower Prince Demon captures InuYasha ,cause he found InuYasha's grief & sorrow. Kao taunts him: "the woman (Kikyo) who he loves most has died" (which its not true). But after, Kagome saves & awakens InuYasha from his dream, InuYasha rushes to save Kagome from the flower vines. As the InuYasha saves Kagome as Kao finds Kagome's sorrow, I'm sure that Kao realizes that Kagome is the woman whom InuYasha loves most not Kikyo. And in Ep. 26 of Final Act; When InuYasha enetrs the inside of the Shikon Jewel to save Kagome from a selfish wish, he examples the reasons why Kagome was born for: she taught how to smile, believe in others, how to make friends & rely on them, shed tears for others & taugh him the true meaning of kindness, compassion and strength. These are the reasons why Kagome taught him those things that Kikyo could NEVER do. Which means that, he was born to meet & be with Kagome FOREVER just as Kagome was born to meet & be with him FOREVER. So, the answer is: Its Kagome; whom InuYasha loves more, the woman who he loves most & be with FOREVER.

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