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A1) The answer is Kagome loves InuYasha. From the beginning of the series, Kagome had a rocky start with InuYasha, but time to time they started to trust each other, became friends and later end up falling deeply romantically in love with each other. True, that Koga is in love with Kagome just as InuYasha is with Kagome (but much more than Koga), but Kagome only sees Koga as a friend. Plus, in episodes 83-84; Kagome learns & meets Ayame the wolf demon girl who is Koga's fiance. Kagome got angry at Koga for forgetting the promise that he made for Ayame. So, Kagome is madly deeply romantically & strongly in love with InuYasha and at the end of the Final Act series, she married InuYasha. And of course, Koga married Ayame and not knowing that Kagome has return to the Feudal Era & married InuYasha. WATCH THE SERIES! Or go to

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