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Episodes 19 (end), 20, 21 (until she can reach the half shikon jewel at the bone eater's well where Shippo took & hide from the possessed Royakan's wolves) - reason: wihtout the shikon jewel. And episode 26 of final act, after wishing the shikon jewel to disappear forever, Inuyasha & Kagome safely returned to the modern era but the bone eater's well pulls Inuyasha back to his world & closing the well for 3 years (due to Kagome's feelings - kinda like the well is messing with her emotions) not letting InuYasha & Kagome to see each other again until after 3 years later, Kagome desperately wishes to see InuYasha again, the well reopens again & lets her to enter to the Feudal era, and see her beloved InuYasha. And finally after InuYasha & Kagome are so happy to be reunited again; they're happily married.

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