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At the end of the series, 3 years after Naraku's was defeated and Kagome came back, all this happened while she was gone and something special happened when she came back.

1. Sango and Miroku have started a family and already have 3 children (twin girls and one son)

2. Shippo leaves the village every once and while to take the Fox-Demon Promation Exam so that he can become a full-fledge Fox Demon.

3. Sesshamaru and Jaken are still traveling together while Rin stays in Kaede's village to get use to living with humans again and when the times comes she will chose if she will continue to travel with Sessharmaru and Jaken or stay in the village. Sessharmaru also often vists her and brings her presents as well.

4. Koga married Ayame and became the leader of the wolf demon tribe.

5. Kohaku is traveling with Kilala and is training to become a mighty demon slayer.

6. Totosai and Myoga are now living together.

7. Kagome is now training to become a Priestess with Jinenji and Kaede helping and teaching her.

And last but certainly not least it is revealed that....

8. Kagome and Inuyasha got married and are now living together in the Feudal Era as husband and wife.

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