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A1)He loves her so very deeply. He feels very protective of Kagome, that's why he loves her, protects her from danger/enemies, saves her when she's captured or being possessed, gets seriously jealous when Koga or any other guys who flirts/falls in love with her, always carries her on his back, fearing of losing her (the most), gets devastated if she dies, always come to her world (the modern era), and even spends some time with her too. Plus, she's the reason why he became so kind-hearted, compassion and caring. She taught him how to smile, believe in people, how to make friends & rely on them, shows him true kindness & strength. She also healed the wounds of his heart & soul from loneliness & more, and he was grateful for what she did for him. That's the reasons why "How InuYasha feels for Kagome". Which also why Kagome is InuYasha's true lover, love interest & later beloved wife.

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