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Kikyo had just told Inuyasha that she was going to kill Naraku, but he kept telling her not to, and that he would do it for the both of them. When she continued to "disobey", he forced himself on her. Although it was just a hug, it was still reminiscent of rape--which was exactly the point: Just because a man wants something, it doesn't mean a woman wants the same thing. As if a man's embrace would make a woman his property. As if a man's embrace could rob a woman of her will. As if a hug from Inuyasha would make Kikyo listen to him and give up her plans to kill Naraku herself.

This pertained to Naraku in that, because Naraku desired Kikyo, he would believe Kikyo desired him as well, no matter how much logic would indicate otherwise. This belief would allow her to get close to him, and once that happened, she would kill him. "Pathetic fool." Damaijin (talk) 00:17, April 7, 2013 (UTC)

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