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A1) In episode 167, when Kagome embraces InuYasha to purified the sacred jewel shard (that InuYasha used to make the Tetsusagia stronger so he can cut open the alive stone demon's belly while he and the others are trapped in it by Naraku) to save him from transforming into his full demon form and he's finally been purified, but of course his eye markings, light purple tiger-like stripes and longer fangs & claws are remained til the end he's back to normal. And also in episode 22 of the Final Act, while inside of Naraku's spider body and after InuYasha (still in his full demon) continues walking remembering back 50 years ago about himself & Kikyo end up into Naraku's tricks, Kikyo dies, after resurrected promise to protect her this time, but then in ep. 8 (FA) Kikyo dies again that he still felt guilty that he failed to save her; then finally InuYasha remembers Kagome and returns to his purified form and remembers after what happened to Kagome when he attacked Kagome (which it was Naraku's idea) & ends up believing that he "killed" Kagome (which he didn't) then he felt devastated for what he did to her. And after being teased by Naraku for "killing" his beloved woman (Kagome) & remind him that it happened again just like with Kikyo, InuYasha returns back to his full demon form.

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