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A1) If you mean which whom InuYasha chooses to be with/ loves more? Well, its Kagome, whom InuYasha loves more & wants to be with. Because his love for Kagome is far more stronger & deeper than he had for Kikyo. Not to mention that, in ep. 26 FA: While InuYasha tries to save Kagome from an selfish wish, he realized that he & Kagome were born to meet, to love & be together forever because Kagome was also the one who taught him everything: how to smile, believe in others, how to make & rely on friends, learn true meaning of strength & kindness, that no one not even Kikyo would have taught him that. Even at first, Kikyo was jealous that InuYasha has now falling in love with Kagome even he still has feelings for her (Kikyo) too. But later, at end Kikyo accepts it and when she died the 2nd & final time, she also now wants inuYasha & Kagome to live happily together forever, since she realizes that they truly belong together.

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