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A1) Unsure if Inu No Taisho is a two timer like InuYasha. But guessing that, he was once in a relationship with Inukimi (Sesshomaru's mother) then decides to end his relationship with her and move on. Until he met Izayoi (InuYasha's human mother) & fell depply in love with her then at the end up having a child with her, InuYasha; until after seeing his second son, InuYasha for the first time he died at the end battling with Takemaru no Setsuna. So, it's just like in real-life: a man falls in love & marries his first wife til time to time later, they ended their relationship (divorce), then the man moves on until he meets & falls in love with another woman & marries her (which whom becomes his 2nd wife). So, I would say: NO! Inu No Taisho wasn't a two timer like his son, InuYasha! But, even InuYasha loves BOTH: Kikyo & Kagome at the same time. But his love for Kagome only grows after kikyo sprit is relaesed

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