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A1) Well, he loves both of them and has a very hard time to think which whom he wants to be with more. But InuYasha grows to love Kagome far more than for Kikyo throughout the series. At the end of episode 8 of Final Act, Kikyo dies the second & final time, so which means that InuYasha doesn't have to choose between Kagome or Kikyo. But, at the end of FA episode 26, InuYasha realized that it's Kagome, whom he was born to met, to love, to protect & be with Kagome forever. Not to mention that she's was the one who taught InuYasha everything: how to smile, believe in others, make friends & rely on them, shed tears for others & learn the true meaning of strength & kindness. Those are the things that InuYasha learned from Kagome and something that Kikyo couldn't be able to taught him that. So, Kagome is the one, not Kikyo.