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A1) Well, 1) In "InuYasha Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time"; Menomaru has one of his servants: Hari to put that mind-control shell with a taunted shikon jewel shard into Kagome's forehead, so he can control Kagome to kill InuYasha (like the same way like Kikyo did 50 years ago) but later Kagome broke through Menomaru's spell and 2) In episodes 60-62, Tsubaki (Kikyo's rival) used her snake to get some of Kagome's blood, to put her blood on the almost completed jewel which cause Kagome's 3 shards to turn black and enter into Kagome's neck. And when the 3 black shards enetr Kagome's throat, Tsubaki can finally control Kagome's body & mind to kill InuYasha (again same way like Kikyo did 50 years ago) & also to try to kill Kagome afterwards. But of course Kagome can manage to control her mind to warn InuYasha. After, Kagome finally able to control her body mind, but during the battle with Tsubaki, Tsubaki keeps squeezing the almost black jewel in her hand to make the shards in Kagome's throat, feel so much pain so she can curse to death. But, before Tsubaki's snake can kill Kagome, Kagome used her bow to send the snake back to Tsubaki and break the curse, and finally after the curse is broken, the shards in Kagome's neck are purified and come out.

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