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A: Kagome was possessed 3 times during the show.

  1. Possessed by Menomaru (Moth demon) (Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time) - mind controlled her to kill Inuyasha (just like the same way Kikyo did 50 years ago). But, she broke free from his spell, because of her very deep and stronger love for Inuyasha.
  2. Possessed by Tsubaki (the dark priestess and arch rival to Kikyo) (Episode 60-62): putting an evil curse on Kagome to kill Inuyasha (again same way Kikyo did 50 years ago). Defeated Tsubaki's curse by sending her serpent shikigami back at her with her spiritual bow (just like Kikyo defeated her 50 years ago) purified the almost shikon jewel and shards (in Kagome's throat and came out)and
  3. Possessed by Akago (the infant, 7th detachment and human heart of Naraku) (Episode 125-126): to mind control her by finding the darkness in her heart: her hatred & painful jealousy of Inuyasha's feelings for Kikyo. Broke free from his control by telling him that he's completely wrong for what he said to her, Kagome accepts that Inuyasha can't forget about Kikyo, even she can still feel the painful jealousy in her heart. And she doesn't hate Inuyasha and Kikyo for their relationship and all theses anger and jealousy feelings means one thing, saying it out loud: She's in love with Inuyasha!