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A1) Well: 1st time - (Beginning episode 1 & end of episode 148 (story back 50 years ago and same scene from episode 1), resurrected in episode 14-15 and died again & final in end of episode 8 of Final Act.

A2) first episode and in the final act episode 8.

When does Kikyo die permanently?Edit

A1) The Final Act Episode 8

How many times did Kikyo die?Edit

A1) Basically, she died twice. And both are resulted by Naraku. The first time was he disguised as Inuyasha and injured Kikyo with claws; the second by filling miasma in Kikyo's body (The Final Act).

Notice: In Episode 124: Farewell, My Beloved Kikyo. Naraku had filled her body with miasma.