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A1) Unsure, but in the end of ep. 4; for the first time Inuyasha gives her his robe of the fire rat for protection and he calls Kagome's name instead "You"! or "Stupid", through few episodes he started to care for her, despite that they still have arguments. In ep. 13, first time to see InuYasha in his human form; while he's recovering from the spider demon leader's poison, he was so touched to see that Kagome was crying for him, he asked her to let him to lay on her lap, he told het that she smells so good & nice and also he admitted that he lied to her (in ep. 2) about that he doesn't like her scent, but he actually totally loves her scent. So, I guess its episode 4 or 11 or 13 thats when he started to like Kagome. Hope this helps! Watch the episodes!

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