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A1) Kagome NEVER dies the series, 1) in the 2nd movie of InuYasha: Kagome risks her life to get hit by her own arrow, so InuYasha won't get shoot by the arrow (Kagome tries to kill Kaguya but Kaguya uses her mirror to absorbs Kagome's arrow to fire the arrow at InuYasha) but Akitoki Hojo (Hojo's feudal era ancestor) throws the celestial robe at Kagome so she won't get hit by her arrow. But she did get hit by her arrow along the celestial robe. Then later, the celestial robe made the arrow (on Kagome's back) disappear and healed Kagome's wounds. So she didn't die. 2) In episode 107, Kagome (along with Miroku & Sango) almost died because of Mukotsu's poisonous gas. But Myoga the flea demon & InuYasha's servant saves Kagome (including Miroku & Sango) by sucking the poisonous gas from their bloods. So Kagome didn't die in this episode including Miroku & Sango. So Kagome NEVER dies in the series or movies.

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