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A1) In episode 1, that's when Kagome first met InuYasha, same with InuYasha first met Kagome. It happened on Kagome's 15th Birthday, she was going to school til she has to find the cat Buyo for her little brother Sota, til the demon Mistress Centipede pulls Kagome into the Bone Eater's Well back into 500 years ago of Feudal Era Japan. And when she found the Sacred Tree (The Tree of Ages) that's where she first met InuYasha (he's still in his enchanted 50 year old slumber by Kikyo). And that night at the sacred tree, Kagome unknowingly broke the spell on InuYasha to be reawaken (that Kikyo did back 50 year ago before she died), Kagome went to the sacred tree again while being chased by Mistress Centpede again & thats when InuYasha first met Kagome (even he mistook her for Kikyo but later discovers that she's not Kikyo). So its Episode 1, when Kagome first met InuYasha & InuYasha first met Kagome.

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