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A1) Kagome is InuYasha's real true love. True, that he loves both Kikyo & Kagome, but the love relationship between InuYasha & Kagome grows very stronger & deeper than between InuYasha & Kikyo through the series. And later, InuYasha realized that Kagome is the main reason why he doesn't feel lonely or unhappy. Of course, she is the one who taught him how to smile, how to trust others, how to make friends & rely them, showed him how to shed tears for others (especially when she [the 1st human whom he met who cries for him] shed tears for his sake), taught him the true meaning of kindness & strength - these are also the reasons why Kagome is InuYasha true love. And also due to those reasons, InuYasha & Kagome were born to met each other, fall romantically in love with each other & be together FOREVER! So, Kagome Higurashi is InuYasha's MAIN LOVE INTEREST & REAL TRUE LOVE!

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