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A: Oh, that's a tough one.

  1. She is the reincarnation of Kikyo, a priestess Inuyasha loved 50 years ago. That might be one reason. He might be seeing Kikyo in Kagome.
  2. Kagome saved Inuyasha, or broke the seal of Kikyo's arrow. That might be another reason.
  3. Kagome treats Inuyasha well. Born a half-demon, Inuyasha never had any friends, as neither humans nor demons accepted him. Kagome loves and accepts him for who he is (born as half demon), shedding tears for his sake, always staying by his side, always helping and saving him, showing him true kindness and compassion (healing his heart and soul), taught him how to smile, how to trusts others, be able to make friends and rely on them, show him how to shed tears for others, taught him about the true meanings of kindness and strength, he learned all thoses things from her.